Poster postcards

Self promotional postcards cut out of a poster talking about my ideas on branding. The poster cuts up into nine ready-to-mail postcards, each carrying a unique message about branding and corresponds to a related message on the other side (the face of the postcard). The illustration style is very unique and something that I had developed for AT&T while I was working at Interbrand- detailed yet minimal.

Printed with silk-screen and very limited pieces available on request.

Helmet art

I am an avid motorcyclist but definitely no Hell’s Angel. Illustrating helmets is one of the few steps that made me come back to graphic design. The graphics for each helmet graphic reflect the personal preferences, beliefs and attitudes of each rider. All helmets are hand-painted with enamels. I am constantly working at new designs and you can get yours painted on request.

Holiday Cards

These holiday cards were designed taking inspiration from the Christmas tree display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, it was reconfigured to be a more culture-neutral piece. I simplified the shapes of the angels and the animals to create a flowing pattern across the card. The colors were chosen based on their apparent properties, more or less uniform across cultures- red for energy/passion, green for prosperity, blue for calm/peace and yellow for hope. The production of this card is extremely economical- printed on a letter-sized paper, it is folded length and width wise and slit midway of each fold. This creates a four sided card that can double as an ornament on the desk or even on a tree! Available on request, all year round!

NYC Halloween Parade poster

A conceptual poster for the New York Halloween Parade. The main theme was about how New Yorkers leave their inhibitions at home and bring out their “wild” side during the famous Halloween parade. The wild ‘beast’ emerging out of a man in a suit stresses this point. On closer look, the man’s silhouette is actually the skyline of the city that exists along the route of the parade. The beast is metaphor for several things including the historical implications of how the event had begun as an artist’s parade that developed into a parade celebrating alternate sexuality and which had later degenerated into a commercial marketing exercise.

Hand-drawn illustration and type, and printed with silk-screen, every print is different with limited prints still available on request.

Pyramid packaging for t-shirts

Packaging design for silk-screened t-shirts with dotted designs. It that had to address the issue of store display and ability to attract attention.These pyramids sit on their sides while the ‘base’ is actually what faces the customers. Retail features like the barcode are integrated into the design. Since the inspiration was from the “designed” tees, the box had to be something that stood out and evoked a sense of playful design. Smaller boxes were designed to carry buttons and other paraphernalia.


I have been an illustrator for many years and have and continue to dabble with different styles. Presented here are sketches done for college publications, national level school textbooks, storyboards, movie frames, posters etc. I always try and bring in a sense of the organic in my illustrations and combine them with my designs whenever relevant.