Pepsi Look 2010

Pepsi India’s new tag line for 2010 is “Youngistaan Ka Wow” (The Wow of ‘Youngistaan’, the proverbial land of the young). For their visual language, I introduced a palette of young, bright colors with big and bold typography, unprecedented for Pepsi (and most companies) in India. The new look ties in with the North American campaign by Pepsi with its own distinct local flavor.

The same language has been carried into all applications including a simple yet innovative and interactive lookbook designed to outline the new brand guidelines for 2010. Applications range from posters to websites to massive billboards to special edition products like bowling pins. There were celebrity and product photo-shoots combined with continuous interaction with clients, studio personnel, vendors, printers etc. The look continues to find expression in other campaigns and heralds a new era for Pepsi in India.

Campaign executed in JWT Delhi under creative supervision of Sumati Singh and Soumitra Karnik.

Fold-out book

An excellent exercise in using various fold-outs and pop-ups within a book and keeping reader’s interest alive throughout the entire read.  I talk about the two sides of my personality using a unique book binding style that combines two books back to back- basically two covers, one spine!

“I Was at Coney Island and I Almost Died” (book)

Essentially an oversize book designed as a tribute to Coney Island and all its flavors that lend to its charm. There was a lot of textual and visual research that was required. Coney Island has seen many ups and downs and found itself once again at the brink of oblivion in 2008. Rather than talk about the  dirty politics, the book aims at wowing the reader with astounding photographs, many that would be considered ‘typical’, of the place with the history and facts peppered with big type, all in the flavor of the crazy place called Coney Island. I collaborated with Maurice Sherman, a photographer who had some beautiful photographs that helped in bringing the book alive.

Standing tall at 24 inches and 36 inches wide at full spread, this is no coffee table book but a special collector’s item.