Ugly Design Mag Identity

The name of the design magazine was conceived as a playful contrast to the emphasis on beauty in design and as a statement to the volatility of a design’s acceptance. The ‘g’ in the logo has been given a living character where the eyes and mouth can change their expressions- particularly helpful in interactive applications- and even in print to a large extent. Looks great on a t-shirt too!

KARA leather goods branding

The logo, developed for a new brand of leather products in India, had to be young, unisex and have a strong presence when it was embossed on leather. This was designed during my first design internship, months before I went to design school.

EELC Law Firm branding

This logo was designed for a New Jersey based law firm-Eastern Environmental Law Center- that deals with environmental issues and who wanted to project a friendly image. They were branching out on their own after separating from Rutgers University and wanted to establish a unique identity for themselves. The pine cone shape represents the three elements of earth while the yellow reflects hope and optimism.

This logo has been featured on Logo Revue. The direct link is