Rock A Bella launches

Rock A Bella, a new fashion boutique, catering to the fashionable ‘young’ women of New Delhi, opened up recently. Through Green Goose studio, I did the branding and all further applications. The store reflects the vision of its owner who has a taste for the vintage and the bohemian- chic with a bit of edge and mildly whimsical at the same time. The entire branding exercise included package design, indulgent illustrations and quirky combinations to bring the whole thing alive.

Collateral includes the usual suspects- business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, stickers, cd labels, cd covers, shopping bags, garment bags, hang tags, labels, coasters, bill-books, etc. Watch this space for update on more pictures and other related stuff.

Jeevashram Calendar 2010- available for 2011!

Calendar designed as a promotion for a non-profit animal shelter, Jeevashram, in Delhi, India. For faster and cheaper production, the calendar is designed to be printed digitally on A3/tabloid size sheets back to back, stacked, folded and stapled in the center with a hole punched through all the sheets.

A lot of animal pictures were taken and I will be doing a round of special editions for 2011 as well- so order one today. You can order even for middle of the year e.g. July 2011 to June 2012, if you like!  All proceeds to go to the shelter. Check out Jeevashram here.

All photography by Amrita J. Singh

Mall interior graphics

These  graphic illustrations were developed for a upcoming mall in Mumbai that is billed as the largest mall in India till date. Spanning more than a kilometer of space on each floor, there are 7 atriums in between various sections VADS, a interior design firm, was assigned the job of developing way finding signage and developing distinct visual language on these atriums.

I developed many concepts and this was one of them. The atriums would be based on different themes related to Mumbai (e.g. Bollywood, the sea, cricket, monuments etc). The illustration style chosen was bold and distinct that would stand apart from all the other malls. Each atrium was color coded and every floor had a different visual related to the same theme. Apart from standing out,  these distinct atriums become part of the way finding process for both, planners and visitors.

Pepsi Look 2010

Pepsi India’s new tag line for 2010 is “Youngistaan Ka Wow” (The Wow of ‘Youngistaan’, the proverbial land of the young). For their visual language, I introduced a palette of young, bright colors with big and bold typography, unprecedented for Pepsi (and most companies) in India. The new look ties in with the North American campaign by Pepsi with its own distinct local flavor.

The same language has been carried into all applications including a simple yet innovative and interactive lookbook designed to outline the new brand guidelines for 2010. Applications range from posters to websites to massive billboards to special edition products like bowling pins. There were celebrity and product photo-shoots combined with continuous interaction with clients, studio personnel, vendors, printers etc. The look continues to find expression in other campaigns and heralds a new era for Pepsi in India.

Campaign executed in JWT Delhi under creative supervision of Sumati Singh and Soumitra Karnik.

Poster postcards

Self promotional postcards cut out of a poster talking about my ideas on branding. The poster cuts up into nine ready-to-mail postcards, each carrying a unique message about branding and corresponds to a related message on the other side (the face of the postcard). The illustration style is very unique and something that I had developed for AT&T while I was working at Interbrand- detailed yet minimal.

Printed with silk-screen and very limited pieces available on request.

Website design

The design for these websites took cues from the logos of the respective companies and integrated the idea of the businesses to make for a friendlier interactive space. I designed all the websites and decided on how users would interact with the website. I also developed and maintained the RS Automotive website and other personal websites, including

Client websites:

(at Fisheye Design)

(at Stark Design NY)


Helmet art

I am an avid motorcyclist but definitely no Hell’s Angel. Illustrating helmets is one of the few steps that made me come back to graphic design. The graphics for each helmet graphic reflect the personal preferences, beliefs and attitudes of each rider. All helmets are hand-painted with enamels. I am constantly working at new designs and you can get yours painted on request.

Holiday Cards

These holiday cards were designed taking inspiration from the Christmas tree display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, it was reconfigured to be a more culture-neutral piece. I simplified the shapes of the angels and the animals to create a flowing pattern across the card. The colors were chosen based on their apparent properties, more or less uniform across cultures- red for energy/passion, green for prosperity, blue for calm/peace and yellow for hope. The production of this card is extremely economical- printed on a letter-sized paper, it is folded length and width wise and slit midway of each fold. This creates a four sided card that can double as an ornament on the desk or even on a tree! Available on request, all year round!

Fold-out book

An excellent exercise in using various fold-outs and pop-ups within a book and keeping reader’s interest alive throughout the entire read.  I talk about the two sides of my personality using a unique book binding style that combines two books back to back- basically two covers, one spine!

NYC Halloween Parade poster

A conceptual poster for the New York Halloween Parade. The main theme was about how New Yorkers leave their inhibitions at home and bring out their “wild” side during the famous Halloween parade. The wild ‘beast’ emerging out of a man in a suit stresses this point. On closer look, the man’s silhouette is actually the skyline of the city that exists along the route of the parade. The beast is metaphor for several things including the historical implications of how the event had begun as an artist’s parade that developed into a parade celebrating alternate sexuality and which had later degenerated into a commercial marketing exercise.

Hand-drawn illustration and type, and printed with silk-screen, every print is different with limited prints still available on request.