Book cover design

Book cover for a diet book by a well-known Indian author/dietitian. The book was about healthy eating with “everyday foods”. The aim was to use a distinctive style to make it stand out in any book shelf in a crowd of diet books.




“I Was at Coney Island and I Almost Died” (book)

Essentially an oversize book designed as a tribute to Coney Island and all its flavors that lend to its charm. There was a lot of textual and visual research that was required. Coney Island has seen many ups and downs and found itself once again at the brink of oblivion in 2008. Rather than talk about the  dirty politics, the book aims at wowing the reader with astounding photographs, many that would be considered ‘typical’, of the place with the history and facts peppered with big type, all in the flavor of the crazy place called Coney Island. I collaborated with Maurice Sherman, a photographer who had some beautiful photographs that helped in bringing the book alive.

Standing tall at 24 inches and 36 inches wide at full spread, this is no coffee table book but a special collector’s item.

Ugly Design Mag Identity

The name of the design magazine was conceived as a playful contrast to the emphasis on beauty in design and as a statement to the volatility of a design’s acceptance. The ‘g’ in the logo has been given a living character where the eyes and mouth can change their expressions- particularly helpful in interactive applications- and even in print to a large extent. Looks great on a t-shirt too!


I have been an illustrator for many years and have and continue to dabble with different styles. Presented here are sketches done for college publications, national level school textbooks, storyboards, movie frames, posters etc. I always try and bring in a sense of the organic in my illustrations and combine them with my designs whenever relevant.