Shoe concept


Shoes designed for Wrangler that takes inspiration from the classic sneaker style with a contemporary twist to it. Modern materials adorn the entire shoe- waterproof kevlar-reinforced fabric, anti-microbial interiors, unique collar system to transform the shoe between a mid-ankle and low-ankle- while upping the fashion quotient with its unique style.

Madrid 2016 Olympics branding

The branding project was for the 2016 Olympics to be hypothetically held in the city of Madrid, Spain (unfortunately, Spain lost the bid). Special event icons and a unique three-in-one poster were part of the collateral developed for the event. The inspiration of the main logo came from the virility and strength associated with bullfighting (without glorifying the gory cruelty to the bulls) of Madrid with the cubism of a native of Madrid, Picasso. Being a true world sporting event, the logo had to show power, movement and glory. Hidden in the form, if you look closely, you can see an “M” buried in the bull! The different triangular planes in the logo allow a lot of versatility in how to use it in various applications- print, web or TV.

Ugly Design Mag Identity

The name of the design magazine was conceived as a playful contrast to the emphasis on beauty in design and as a statement to the volatility of a design’s acceptance. The ‘g’ in the logo has been given a living character where the eyes and mouth can change their expressions- particularly helpful in interactive applications- and even in print to a large extent. Looks great on a t-shirt too!