My work to be projected on a New York skyscraper in a group exhibition!

Yes, its true- my work will be up for about 10 odd minutes, projected on a skyscraper in NYC this saturday at around 10:10 pm. For more details see here:

Please join me if you can!

Museumoto Motorcycle Museum branding

Museumoto is a museum for motorcycles and motorcycle culture. A comprehensive identity system and a brand book were devised for this museum. In the logo, the more traditional spokes exist in a modern rendition that evokes nostalgia while looking towards the future- everything about the logo highlights movement.

There is attention to every little detail- the brandbook is the size of an average motorcycle owner’s manual; the application of the logo and visual language throughout the museum; the colors to supplement the main identity; the merchandise; etc- everything has been well thought out and ready to go to press!

Before coming up with the final logo, obviously there had been a large scale exploration that began with the stereotypical classical imagery that the museum aims to move away from. The naming exercise was intense and finally it was derived from the shortened names for museum and motorcycles used rarely in common parlance- museu and moto respectively.

Madrid 2016 Olympics branding

The branding project was for the 2016 Olympics to be hypothetically held in the city of Madrid, Spain (unfortunately, Spain lost the bid). Special event icons and a unique three-in-one poster were part of the collateral developed for the event. The inspiration of the main logo came from the virility and strength associated with bullfighting (without glorifying the gory cruelty to the bulls) of Madrid with the cubism of a native of Madrid, Picasso. Being a true world sporting event, the logo had to show power, movement and glory. Hidden in the form, if you look closely, you can see an “M” buried in the bull! The different triangular planes in the logo allow a lot of versatility in how to use it in various applications- print, web or TV.

EELC Law Firm branding

This logo was designed for a New Jersey based law firm-Eastern Environmental Law Center- that deals with environmental issues and who wanted to project a friendly image. They were branching out on their own after separating from Rutgers University and wanted to establish a unique identity for themselves. The pine cone shape represents the three elements of earth while the yellow reflects hope and optimism.

This logo has been featured on Logo Revue. The direct link is