I could be in an exhibition in Paris!

If people vote  for me, it is possible that I may get to show my work in an exhibition in Paris! How cool would that be? Here’s a link to vote for me. Much appreciated!


I am in an exhibition in NYC!

This news comes a bit late but there is still time to catch my work been displayed in an exhibition in New York City! It opened on July 25th but I was hiking in Maine at that time. It runs through September 10th- go if you can!

Here is the invite- http://artistswanted.tumblr.com/post/54034821255/the-story-of-the-creative-update-the-story-of

Windows phone app finalist!

So, my first attempt at a Windows Phones app (a worldwide  contest) wasn’t too bad- considering none of my apps for any other OS have been published yet- I was one of the 50 finalists from all over the world!! It’s great to be nominated eh? Haha…Well, I have big plans for the app I designed and hopefully it will soon see the light of day.Fingers crossed! Check the winners here: http://apptothefuture.core77.com/

Win! Rodeo 2.0 boots becomes Judges Pick in competition

The contender: Rodeo 2.0, a shoe created for an online contest becomes one of the 5 favorite picks. Not bad for a graphic designer, eh? See here




Mention in “The Blog of Francesco Mugnai” as one of the best designers in India!

One fine day, a behance.net counterpart asked his whole circle to check out this site called “The Blog of Franscesco Mugnai” where he was mentioned amongst the 10 best designers of India- a list compiled by a chap called Nikola Lazarevic. And boy, was I surprised to have found my name in there! Ego-boost and more web presence? I will take it! Quiet unsurprising was the thumbnail he chose to show my work- the Madrid 2016 Olympics logo- almost 90% of my interviewers recall that project as their favorite!

The link: http://blogof.francescomugnai.com/2010/02/the-world-best-designers-india/